There’s nothing like cooking over hot coals.

The smell of the fire and aroma of food, this folk’s is what we all like about camping. Finding a camp site and setting up camp is such an exciting time for children. Quietly even the adults enjoy it, but this is just one thing we love about camping – bring on the cooking.

There are so many means and ways of cooking these days. Straight on the coals, on a hot plate, the open grill, camp ovens just to name a few. “I can already smell and taste it” This would have to be my favourite subject. I recon the cooking tastes better the second or third night away.

Getting together with a group of mates and lighting a fire to make the coals needed for the night’s meal, is half the fun. Sitting around with a beer or glass of wine in hand relaxing there is nothing like it, and everyone I’ll give you the big tip letting your partner off cooking duties for the night might get you in the good books.

You can stand around a campfire for hours cooking. Get the kids involved. What a better way to teach them how to cook, then while your away camping. Even your mates will think this is great.

The kids will love cooking a damper or garlic flat bread. Even if they make a mess, these are the memories they will keep forever. While teaching some great life skills. Some of the easiest meals can be done over the fire.


Camp ovens, cooking up a storm with a few lamb shanks and a camp oven full of roast vegetables. Top that off with gravy, then sit around the fire eating. The only noise is the sound of the fire crackling while everyone is having a good feed.

Another meal over the fire is breakfast. Grab out the folding hot plate, doesn’t matter what brand, buy the one you can afford or if your handy make one yourself. Remember to season it first. I can tell you, hot coffee and cooking bacon and eggs with a hash brown in a wrap is the best way to start the day.

Just remember that when you finish your trip and packing up camp just put your fire out before leaving. This is a must do. So many fires are started, and children burnt from hot ash left smouldering.

So, make the effort to just put some time aside, grab the calendar and mark a weekend on it. Take the time to sit back and relax by the campfire cooking.



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