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We love camping and are keen 4wders.

In April of 2018 one early morning while fishing I came up with this crazy idea about the experiences that I have had over the years. I was involved with a group based out of Adelaide taking disadvantaged kids away for 3-day weekends to the Flinders Ranges, camping, canoeing, bike riding and hiking to get them away from a life that most of us don’t experience. This inspired me to take my kids back to some of the places we went, bringing back great memories.

Mental health plays a big part in our lives and it would be fair to say that somewhere along the road we all have a story to tell from an experience that we have had. So, this brought me to thinking!

I have really enjoyed visiting some of the great places the outback has to offer over many years. To learn about the hardships, our history, the culture this great country has to offer. What if we could show case this to others, support stations while in heavy drought. Give people an outback experience away from the hustle and bustle of life. Taking people away from their phones and computers and giving the kids a chance to see the Milky Way in its entirety and enjoy campfire cooked meals.

And so, this is how Adventure Breaks started.

Come and join us enjoying the outback, learning the history of how our stations and country has evolved. Take the time to relax and unwind let us give you a weekend away from everything.

Come and join us around the campfire.

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