Kinetic Rope

Kinetic Recover Rope 12,500kg



The Saber Kinetic Recovery Rope has been developed for a safer and smoother way to recover stranded vehicle.  Traditional snatch straps give less than 20% stretch the Saber Kinetic Recovery Rope with give upt o 30%.  The Kinetic Recovery Rope is 9m and has a maximum breaking strength of 12,500kg.  The Kinetic Recovery Rope is made from Heavy Duty Nylon 66 Material and has been treated  to protect it from UV, moisture and abrasive material.  The eye of the Kinetic Rope has been treated with a durable vinyl polymer coating, providing maximum protection where it is needed most.  Saber Recovery ropes have been tested in a MATA accredited facility in Melbourne.  This ensures they meet Australia’s strictest standards.

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