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Cradock Flinders Ranges

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Tagalong tours to Three Creeks Station in the Flinders Ranges a 20,000 acre working sheep property which is family owned by 4th and 5th generation graziers,  include 4WDing on station tracks, exploring the beautiful terrain, which includes exploring the Yacca Grass Tree Track, and viewing wildlife. The tours also feature camping under the stars and fully catered campfire meals. These tours offer visitors a unique and immersive experience in the rugged beauty of the Flinders Ranges, providing an opportunity to disconnect from city life and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature and outdoor activities.

6 Days – 3 Station

 Travel to 3 station over 6 days and explore these wonder places

Gawler Ranges

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Come with us to visit the beautiful Gawler Ranges.

Bendleby Ranges

On Demand  – Our tagalong tours offers adventure trips to Bendleby Ranges, a 37,000-acre award-winning destination known for its unspoilt natural environment and remote camping. Activities offered include 4WD tracks, bush walking, bird watching, and photography. The trips are fully catered and guided by experienced guides, providing an opportunity to camp under the stars in rugged South Flinders Ranges. This trip is ideal for either small or large groups.

Mt Ive Station

On Demand –  Tagalong tours to Mt Ive Station in the Gawler Ranges offer a variety of camping options, including camping and self-contained huts. The tours usually include 4WDing on tracks, exploring the spectacular scenery, visiting historical landmarks, and viewing the unique flora and fauna of the area. Other highlights of the tour often include visiting Lake Gairdner, bird watching, and observing local wildlife such as wombats, emus, and kangaroos. The tours provide a unique opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of the Gawler Ranges and engage in outdoor activities in a stunning natural setting.